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Mom's On Mission (M.O.M)
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Operation Katrina Smile

Bring Smiles to Babies and Children Affected by Katrina!

First, let me say that I am NOT a charity, so please do not send me items.  With that stated, please allow me to explain this page.
Anyone who has checked out my website knows the nature of this site, it is helping babies and kids who's families need to be shown love, care, and compassion.  It is about brining smiles and making hardships more bearable.  With that said, there are things that many people might not know about the people affected by Katrina.  The babies and children who were in the hospitals in Louisianna have been or are being transported to other hospitals in the nation such as those in Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, and Florida.  These hospitals also have their own regular patients and needs as well as the newly acquired needs of the New Orleans babies.  Clothing for the preemie babies is not supplied by the hospitals, it is supplied TO the hospitals by volunteers like myself.  The need of supplies of these items is going to increase for the hospitals accepting these babies.  You can donate items made from the patterns on this site to those hospitals.  Simply contact the NICU administrator and ask for that hospitals specific needs.  As time allows and I learn of the hospitals, I will post them here.  If you know of the names and locations of these hospitals, please pass that information on to me.  Some of the children and infants affected by this disaster do not have their parents with them.  I can not imagine how frightned the older toddlers, etc. are.  A simple teddy bear, blankie, etc. would be nice to help to comfort these kids.  And information on what each hospitals Pediatriac unit will accept can be acquired by contatcting the hospital.
Babies and children who are not hospitialized also have needs.  Those rescued from roof tops, attics, etc. might possibly have no blankets at all and possibly only the clothing on their backs.  This is a need that can be addressed by citizens who simply want to help.
I have thought of how citizens can help.  This site is loaded with free patterns the only stipulation is that the items made from these pattern CAN NOT be sold, nor can the patterns themselves.  They are for CHARITY use only. 
My children are happy when we take them to restaurants and buy them kids meals that come in little bags with toys.  Oddly enough, they like the bags and toys more than the food.  That has given me an idea.  Why not create "kiddie" care packages?  Use wrapping paper to make paper bags, put a small toy, blankie, baby bottle, etc. into each bag.  Lable the bag something like "baby girl size 0-3 months" or "toddler boy size 18 months", etc.  In other words label each bag with the sex of the child and the size of any clothing that might be inside.  Or label them with the sex and the age that the toy is appropriate for.  I don't think these kids really care if the teddy bear they get is brand new, hand sewn, or picked up from a thrift store.  I know that when we had a fire and then got hit by a tornado a few years later, my children didn't mind.  People would come and give them a stuffed animal, or other small token.  They didn't ask "is it from such and such a store" etc.  No, they were just happy to have something to play with, something to snuggle up in.  And I know that as a mom, when people gave me clothes for my boys, I didn't care if it was new or gently was something clean to put on them. 
Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that anyone needs to send these people their "garbage".  But, I know that personally, my children have nice gently used clothing and shoes that do not fit anymore.  These kids could use such items.  The same with toys, they have tons that are nice but never played with, why not pass them on and bring a smile.  I love to sew, and sewing blankets for the babies affected would be a joy.  How many other people across this wonderful nation of ours feels the same way?  How many have a talent such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, etc. that they would be willing to donate?  I'm not asking for any one's money...I'm not a charity.  What I am is a woman, a mother who knows how these other women and mothers feel.  They are overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted.  If you make their child happy, you will make them happy or atleast help to ease their burden.
I honestly believe that God put each and every one of us here to make a show his love, compassion, and grace.  To offer our  friendship to others.  To help make the burdens of others lighter.  I know that each and every person affected by Katrina wants little more than to get back on their feet, get their lives back together, and take care of their families again.  I also know that this takes time, sometimes a long time. 
I would love to be able to load the back of a semi trailer full of boxes filled with these little "kiddie" care packages.  And filled with articles of clothing, hygiene, etc. items for the adults packaged the same way.  But, I don't have that kind of money.  I don't have the funds to rent a semi, load it, and then hire a driver and pay for gas to get to Mississippi and Louisianna.  That's not in my means.  But I do have the means to assemble such packages, and probably enough to mail a few of these packages.  Christmas is coming up, most of us are going to be adding to our children's toy stashes.  I'm a member of Fly Lady, I do her 27 fling boogies, why not put a boogie to use? 
The backs of our money is labled with "In God We Trust",'s time for America to show the people affected by Katrina just what that means.  God said that he would supply the needs of his children, he didn't say how.  His means of supplying just might be using the talents of others.  I can sew...that is a God given talent that I can use.  Many, many, many people across this nation have such talents.  Some sew, some crochet, some build, we all have something that we can do to make this world a better place.  If we all united in love, and compassion...what a mighty, mighty work of God could take place.  People who currently don't believe in our loving saviour just might believe when they see this love that I'm talking about pouring forth from the hearts and hands of others.
May God richly bless everyone who has been affected by Katrina, and those working endlessly to help ease the suffering of others.

Charities Helping With the Disaster:
Project NOAH:  Accepting used curriculum and school supplies for homeschooling families affected by Katrina.
Salvation Army:  Accepting monetary contributions currently, inkind donations may come later.